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The most complicated part of your car is the transmission, and that is a fact that most drivers seem to understand. This component, which changes the gears as you increase and decrease speed, weighs in at over 800 individual pieces and is notoriously difficult to deal with. Automatic or manual, the transmission is so complicated that a lot of auto repair shops won’t even take transmission work. That isn’t the case at Horizon Auto Center. Our team of transmission experts is ready to handle any problem your car’s transmission can throw at us, and we can have you back on the road before you can even say “transmission.” For the very best transmission service and transmission repair in Rockwall, TX, trust the team at Horizon Auto Center.

Transmission Service Rockwall TX

It is a simple fact that the transmissions of today are built to stand the test of time. Years ago, transmissions required much more attention to keep going through the life of a vehicle, but those days have come and gone. Nowadays, transmissions can go tens of thousands of miles with little to no attention, and most transmission service comes as part of your 30/60/90k milestone services. Conversely, we offer a transmission service that will give you peace of mind that yours will work even more efficiently and longer – the transmission flush. This is the process of draining and replacing your transmission fluid, and can greatly extend the life of even the healthiest transmissions. For the best transmission service in Rockwall, TX, call the team at Horizon Auto Center.

Transmission Repair Rockwall TX

Though transmission problems tend to pop up in late model and high mileage vehicles, all drivers should be on the lookout for potential issues. Things like the inability to switch from park to drive, gears slipping, or leaking fluid all signal you may have transmission problems. If any of these sound familiar, get your car in for transmission repair in Rockwall, TX, immediately. Transmission problems grow exponentially over time – in both seriousness and cost to repair – so at the first sign of trouble, get your car into the bays at Horizon Auto Center.

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Whether you are looking for transmission service, a transmission flush, or transmission repair in Rockwall, TX, the only auto repair shop you should consider is Horizon Auto Center. Our team are transmission experts and we are waiting to help you get back on the road. Just make an appointment!

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