Transmission Repair

Your car’s transmission is in charge of making sure the correct quantity of power goes to your wheels to drive at the desired rate. Similar to gears on a bike, a transmission will change your vehicle to a greater gear when you speed up and will change to a reduced gear when you decelerate. A transmission has its own appointed liquid that ensures all the gears are revolving efficiently. It is necessary to get this fluid looked at regularly to guarantee your transmission is working appropriately.

How does a transmission work?

The power generated by your car’s engine initially streams through the transmission before it reaches your wheels. The transmission takes care of the torque provided to the drive wheels for various driving conditions. This is why you might change gears when you are driving uphill; your car will require a lot of added torque in order for it to go up the hill efficiently.

Just how do I know if my car requires a transmission repair?

We at Horizon Auto Center in Rockwall recommend changing your vehicle’s transmission fluid every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Some signs that something is wrong with your transmission include:

  • There is a grinding or shaking feeling in gear.

If your automobile grinds or trembles when you change gears, there is a problem with your transmission. This issue normally becomes worse with time, so it is good to bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop as soon as you observe this issue.

  • Your automobile makes grumbling or thumping noises.

These sounds generally suggest your transmission liquid is wearing out or there is an interior issue with your transmission.

  • Your automobile will not engage when in gear.

If there is a hold-up in your car responding when you change gears, your transmission liquid could be wearing down or there might be a trouble with your car’s computer system. If neither of these variables are the issue, there is a problem with your transmission.

  • You observe a burning scent stemming from your automobile.

This burning scent probably suggests your transmission liquid is getting warm, which can happen when there is not adequate transmission fluid in your auto (which could suggest a leak) or the incorrect type of transmission fluid is in your vehicle.

  • Your “Check Engine” light turns on.

While this can mean a number of things, turning on your “Check Engine” light is your car’s computer system’s ways of notifying you there is a trouble, which could be with your transmission.

Your transmission is necessary to a secure driving experience, so when the time comes to get it dealt with, you can bring your car to Horizon Auto Center. Serving people of Rockwall and surrounding locations, our goal is to provide outstanding customer and repair service to every customer, daily.

Your Trusted Shop for Transmission Repair

If you are having an issue with your transmission, Horizon Auto Center in Rockwall is your place to go. Our team of highly-trained technicians have decades of combined experience and are experts in all things auto repair. Here are some reasons you can trust us:

  • Our staff is certified female-friendly by 
  • We have a courtesy local shuttle service to continue your day while we service your vehicle.
  • Our services come with a 36-month/36,000 mile warranty.


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Transmission Repair in Rockwall, TX

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