Tires in Rockwall, TX

When it comes to your vehicle’s tires, you want nothing but the best. Tires are what keeps your vehicle moving, and should be used as efficiently as possible. There’s nothing worse than a flat or worn out tire – especially if it happens when you’re stuck in Rockwall County traffic. Horizon Auto Center is your one-stop-shop for all your tire needs. We can help you decide if your tires need to be replaced or repaired, and have all tire brands available for purchase if a replacement is required. To make sure your tires are being used as efficiently as possible, we also recommend coming in for a tire rotation every 6,000-8,000 miles. 

What are some brands that carry tires?

We at Horizon Auto Center carry several tire brands in our shop. We guarantee that you will find a set of tires that works for your vehicle. Depending on where you live and what your driving habits are, your vehicle will need different (and sometimes multiple) sets of tires. If you drive on rough terrain or are in an area that snows, you will need off-road and winter tires respectively. In Rockwall County, we experience lots of types of weather, so it is probably a good idea to carry multiple sets of tires. We at Horizon Auto Care can help you decide what’s best for your particular vehicle, and can go over how to store your off-season tires properly as well. 

Here’s a short description of the several brands of tires we carry: 

  • Toyo Tires: Toyo Tires USA Corp embodies the innovation, quality, performance, and excellent service that Toyo Tires has delivered around the world for more than 70 years (they were established in 1966). Toyo Tires offers a complete selection of premium replacement tires for almost every make and model including SUVs, light trucks, performance cars, commercial trucks, as well as luxury vehicles. They have tires for all seasons, all weather, summer, winter, off-road, highway, performance, competition, and more. Most of these tires are built in the United States at their state of the art factory in Bartow County, Georgia.
  • Continental Tires: In 2021, Continental Tires will celebrate its 150th anniversary. This company sells passenger tires, crossover tires, and light truck/SUV tires. Continental Tires understands that mobility and transport are essential elements of our lives and has several goals to actively protect the resources available on our planet. They constantly strive for higher efficiency. The foundation of Continental Tires’ strategy and business activities include:
    • Safety: To protect life and conserve resources.
    • Information: Intelligent mobility through constantly connected driving.
    • Environment: Resource efficient and emission free.
    • Affordable mobility: Enabling more freedom and opportunities.  
  • Nexen Tires: Nexen has tires for performance vehicles, passenger vehicles, SUVs, light trucks, winter, and more. The name Nexen is a combination of the two words, “next” and “century.” The name reflects the company’s will and determination to prepare for the future and to drive a better tomorrow. The company has developed the first V-shaped directional tires as well as the award winning Green Hive concept tire. Their advanced automated manufacturing equipment is the best in the industry. Our knowledgeable technicians at Horizon Auto Center can get your vehicle fitted with Nexen Tires by asking you some questions about the year, make, model, and style of your vehicle and figuring out what width tires you would need depending on what your vehicle needs. 


How do I know if I need to get my tires repaired or replace them?

Tire issues highly jeopardize your driving experience, putting you and your passengers at a higher risk of an accident. If you get a flat or worn out tire, you will either have to get the tire repaired or replaced entirely. 

The most obvious sign of a damaged tire is a loss of air pressure, which could cause air to leak out slowly or all at once. Leaks sometimes do not originate from a puncture or cut in the tire; the source of the leak could be the valve stem on the tire that has worn out over time. For punctured tires, the tire can most likely be repaired with a patch or a plug and doesn’t have to be completely replaced. However, tires with a cracked or split sidewall cannot be safely repaired and the tire will need to be replaced. Whether you are driving in Heath, Royse City, Rockwall, Fate, Sunnyvale, or anywhere else, you do not want to be stuck with a flat or damaged tire.

Like any part of your vehicle, your tires can wear out over time. Here are some signs your tires need to be replaced soon:

  • Your tires are bald (they’ve lost tread and are flat on the surface). 
  • Your tires’ sidewalls have cracks. The sidewalls can wear down over time due to rain, ice, and natural aging.
  • Your car is constantly shaking, even on smooth roads.
  • You’ve been driving with a spare tire for a while. Spare tires are not as durable as regular tires and provide less traction and less cornering ability. 
  • You have cords showing. If any cords from your tires are showing, this is a sure sign that they need to be replaced. 

If you are in Heath, Royse City, Rockwall, or surrounding areas and notice that one or more of your tires is over inflated, under inflated, or are tilted horizontally or vertically, bring your car to Horizon Auto Center today and we can assess and repair the issue. We can also determine if your car needs additional services, such as transmission repair or engine repair.


Your Trusted Shop for Tire Repair

Whether you are looking for a tire rotation for your Ford, wheel alignment for your Chevrolet, wheel balancing for your BMW, or would like to replace the tires on your Mercedes Benz, Horizon Auto Center can help. We at Horizon Auto Center in Rockwall have been fixing cars since 2001 and our reliable team of technicians each have decades of experience and are experts in all things auto repair. In addition to tire repair and replacement, we also specialize in general auto repair. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

  • We offer a courtesy vehicle wash with all our services.
  • Our shop has been recognized by The Dallas Morning News and RepairPal and our loyal customers have voted us Living Magazine’s “Best Auto Repair Shop” in the area for the last seven years.
  • We sell truck accessories, including lift kits, bed covers, front and rear replacement bumpers, side steps, and LED lights.
  • Most of our services come with a 36-month/36,000 mile warranty.
  • Our ASE-Certified technicians can improve your tire performance and life, restore vehicle performance, and maintain good vehicle performance with preventative maintenance.
  • We sell industry leading tire brands like Toyo, Continental, and Nexen.

If you are in the 75032 or Rockwall area, feel free to schedule an appointment with Horizon Auto Center today! You can give us a call at 469-430-0549 or schedule an appointment with us on our website.


For honest and efficient Tires in Rockwall, TX, turn to the capable team at Horizon Auto Center. “Life’s too short to drive boring cars.”

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