Timing Belt Replacement in Rockwall, TX

Exactly how does a timing belt work?

Your vehicle’s timing belt is one of the most important parts that keeps your car operating. It links the camshaft (which enables air and gas in and out of the engine by opening and closing the engine’s shutoffs) to the crankshaft, which takes care of the pistons of your engine. In many vehicles, the timing belt is also in charge of the operation of your car’s water pump, gas pump, and injection pump.

How do I identify if I need a timing belt replacement?

If your timing belt breaks or splits, it can cause serious issues to your car. Some indicators of a worn or damaged timing belt are:

There are teeth on timing belts which catch gears as they revolve a series of engine components. If these teeth are fragile or start wearing away, the timing belt will start to slip away from the gears.

  • You listen to weird noises stemming from the engine.

If you notice a ticking sound stemming from your engine, it can mean low oil pressure within your engine or a failing timing belt.

  • There is smoke coming from your engine.

The top of every cyndrical tube has 2 openings that enable air inside and also let out engine exhaust. The opening and closing of these openings are synchronized with how the cyndrical tubes move in addition to how the camshaft turns. A worn out or damaged timing belt means this job is not coordinated, triggering an accumulation of exhaust that is eliminated as smoke.

Although the favored period to change your timing belt is every 100,000 miles, if you are experiencing many of the signs above, it’s an excellent idea to bring your car to an auto repair facility that can promptly discover and also repair the problem. That shop is Horizon Auto Center in Rockwall. Our technicians have decades of experience and have extensive factory and/or innovative technological training. If you reside in Rockwall or bordering places, do not wait to set up an appointment with us today!

Your Trusted Shop for Timing Belt Replacement

If you are in need for a timing belt replacement and are in Rockwall or surrounding areas, look no further than Horizon Auto Center. Our service advising team has decades of combined experience and will make sure we make the most accurate diagnoses of repairs your vehicle needs. Here are some reasons to make us your local auto repair shop:

  • Our shop has been recognized by The Dallas Morning News and RepairPal and our loyal customers have voted us Living Magazine’s “Best Auto Repair Shop” in the area for the last seven years.
  • Our staff is certified female-friendly by AskPatty.com. 
  • Our waiting area has free coffee, water, and WiFi for you to enjoy.
  • We have a courtesy local shuttle service to continue your day while we service your vehicle or ask about our loaner car service.
  • Our ASE-Certified technicians can improve your tire performance and life, restore vehicle performance, and maintain good vehicle performance with preventative maintenance.


Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us online or give us a call at 469-698-8585 today!

Timing Belt Replacement in Rockwall, TX

For honest and efficient Timing Belt Replacement in Rockwall, TX, turn to the capable team at Horizon Auto Center. “Life’s too short to drive boring cars.”

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