Preventative BMW Maintenance Schedule


Since 1916, BMW has been producing luxurious and performance-oriented vehicles. BMW drivers love the way their vehicle drives, how luxurious the interior and exterior looks, and its beautiful design. Every single BMW is designed to bring the best driving experience, however, in order to maintain its reliability, it is imperative that the BMW recommended maintenance schedule is followed. We at Horizon Auto Center in Rockwall make it easy for you to come get your BMW serviced at a reasonable price. 


What are the BMW scheduled maintenance intervals?

The Inspection I service is recommended every 20,000 miles. Inspection II is a more comprehensive maintenance service and it is recommended every 40,000 miles. Here is a list of what each service interval will include:

  • 20,000 mile service: When your BMW hits 20,000 miles, it is time to get the Inspection I service. Four major components will be inspected: the undercarriage, engine compartment, body/electrical equipment, and final inspection. While examining the undercarriage, our technicians will check the steering system, brakes, tires, and engine oil and filter. Our technicians will read out the diagnostic systems code, check for leaks, and add different fluids if needed for the engine compartment. The body/electrical equipment inspection checks if the instrumental panel, lights, hinges, latches, battery, and airbags are all working properly and have no damage. Finally, the final inspection is a road test where our trusted technicians will check the transmission, steering, suspension, and brakes are functioning properly. 
  • 40,000 mile service: The 40,000 Inspection II service is more detailed than the previous maintenance service. On top of the regular inspection that Inspection I has, the 40,000 mile service will replace different parts like the filters and spark plugs.
  • 60,000 mile service: The 60,000 mile service will be the same as the Inspection I service, but will also include a thorough inspection of the parking brake lining, replacement of your spark plugs and air filters, inspection of the car’s body to spot any signs of rust, as well as a complete examination of flexible boots to spot any signs of leaks.
  • 90,000 mile service: The 90,000 mile service will just be a routine maintenance service. However, there will be additional work done too. The spark plugs, hoses, brake rotors, and timing belt will be inspected and replaced as needed. Depending on the model and year you drive, the cost can vary, however, we work to ensure you get the best price and quality of service. 


If you get a check engine light on your dashboard, there is no need to worry. Our technicians will check every component of your vehicle as well as conduct a road test to ensure your vehicle is working properly. Come to Horizon Auto Center to get your BMW serviced!


Why should I follow my BMW service schedule?

Following your BMW’s maintenance schedule will ensure the health of your vehicle, your personal safety, and the reliability will continue to be stellar as you add more miles to your BMW. Our technicians at Horizon Auto Center in Rockwall understand the importance of BMW maintenance to the best driving experience. Following the BMW service intervals for your vehicle is extremely beneficial for the life of your vehicle and to prevent any potential issues from getting worse. By following the BMW routine maintenance check, you lower the chance of having to pay more expensive repair costs in the future. These maintenance checks are designed to catch potential problems early on before it gets serious. BMW has a comprehensive scheduled maintenance list for their vehicles, and we at Horizon Auto Center are knowledgeable in what this service entails. 


When it is time for your BMW to get its preventive maintenance service, give us a call!

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