About Tune Ups

Horizon Auto Center no longer offers “Tune-ups” as a fix to a problem. A “Tune-up”, before 1981, in this industry used to cure 90% of all the problems a vehicle was experiencing with engine performance.  Before 1981 when a tune-up was performed the vehicle had many components that required replacement & several adjustments were performed during the tune-up process.

The eighties and nineties saw the introduction and refinement of the computer controlled engine. Since this introduction, the vehicles of today have greatly changed and will continue to change, until the lowest emissions, highest fuel economy, and best performance can be obtained with the lowest amount of weight under the hood. A “Tune-up” of today is, nothing more then, a preventive maintenance service.  It rarely ever fixes a vehicle that is not performing as designed.  In most cases there are no adjustments that can be made to improve a performance concern.  The on-board computer system internally makes any fuel, timing or performance adjustments required to reach maximum efficiency.

Our policy at Horizon Auto Center is always to be honest with the customer.  Most customers have the preconceived notion that a “Tune-up” will fix his/her computerized vehicle.  If we were to perform a “Tune-up” on the basis it would fix the vehicle’s performance problem, in most cases we would be performing a dishonest service.  Therefore, because of the change in the industry, (with computers, emissions, and the complicated engine management systems) and Horizon Auto Center’s policy of honesty and always trying to look out for our customer’s best interests, we now offer what is called a “Engine Maintenance Service”.  This service is to be performed when a vehicle’s mileage has been reached that the manufacturer recommends for spark plug replacement.

If an engine performance problem is being experienced a “Preliminary Engine Diagnostics Test” is recommended to be performed. If a customer declines this test, he/she shall be aware that they may not notice much or any difference, in engine performance. Customers shall be aware that the “Engine Maintenance Service” is only a preventive maintenance service recommended by the manufacturer.

Title: Tune Ups No longer fix most vehicles