Although BMWs are known for their prowess, appealing exteriors, and their cutting edge technology, every vehicle eventually needs to come in for maintenance and repairs. BMWs have their own maintenance schedule at 20,000, 40,000, 60,000, and 90,000 mile intervals, giving you a good benchmark of when you should bring your vehicle in for preventative maintenance. If a problem suddenly occurs, however, it is imperative to bring your BMW into Horizon Auto Center in Rockwall so we can diagnose the issue and perform the correct repairs. Here are the five most common maintenance and repairs for BMWs: 

Air Filter & Cabin Air Filter Repair & Replacement

Your vehicle’s air filter, also known as the engine air filter, prevents airborne particles such as dirt and debris from entering your vehicle’s engine, which protects it as well as the vehicle’s combustion system. Because of this, the air filter can improve the fuel efficiency of your BMW; it is important to get the air filter regularly cleaned or replaced to ensure this efficiency. 

The cabin air filter is designed to keep you and your passengers safe from breathing in any harmful contaminants while in your vehicle. This includes dust, dirt, pollen, mold spores, and pollutants. Replacing the cabin air filter in your vehicle is part of your vehicle’s recommended regular maintenance schedule, because regular maintenance will preserve the air quality inside your vehicle. It is recommended that you get the cabin air filter replaced every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

Transmission Repair

Transmissions are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. The transmission works to send the power from the internal combustion engine to the wheels. 

Here are some common transmission problems to look out for in your BMW:

  • Your check engine light turns on: This is the most common and most prominent sign that something is wrong with your transmission, although there is a chance something else is wrong. We at Horizon Auto Center in Rockwall County can run a diagnosis on your BMW to pinpoint the exact reason your check engine light is on. 
  • Your transmission is making noises: These sounds may be subtle, but if you hear banging, grinding or rumbling coming from your vehicle when you change gears, or a high pitched whistling sound coming from your engine compartment, this means your transmission urgently needs to be checked. Horizon Auto Center is your local transmission repair shop. We can remove the transmission and properly assess it to determine the issue.
  • Your vehicle’s fluid leaks: If you notice any stains or puddles underneath your BMW, be sure to bring your vehicle to Horizon Auto Center in Rockwall as soon as possible. We can troubleshoot your transmission and see where the leak is coming from.
  • Your transmission fluid has a burnt smell or appears brown and/or cloudy: Healthy transmission fluid is syrupy and is a transparent red, so if the fluid appears any different, it’s time to bring your BMW to an auto repair shop. 

Brake Repair

Taking care of your brakes is crucial to maintaining a safe driving experience for you and your passengers. It is a feature you use everyday, and even a slight change can indicate something is wrong. If your vehicle’s brakes are performing poorly and you are in Rockwall or Royse City, it is imperative that you bring your car in Horizon Auto Center for an inspection. Some warning signs include:

  • The brake light on your dashboard turns and stays on: If this happens, first make sure your handbrake is not engaged. If your brake light stays on, your vehicle is telling you it is time for an inspection and/or there is a problem with your brakes. 
  • Your car pulls to one side when braking: One brake system may be working more efficiently than the other, causing your vehicle to pull to one side when braking. 
  • Your brake pedal feels soft or spongy: If your brake pedal feels “softer,” or sinks all the way to the floor mat when you press on it, it’s a sign you need immediate service.
  • Your brakes are squeaking, grinding, or squealing: If you hear a high-pitched noise when applying your brakes, it likely means that your brake pad has worn out.

Battery Service

Your car’s battery provides energy to power your car’s electronic system, which includes parts such as your car’s sound system, air conditioning, and more. Energy is also stored in the battery to turn your vehicle on. Once the car is on, a series of reactions starts in the battery, which generates electricity. 

You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the road with a dead battery, especially in Rockwall, Royse City, Heath, Fate, and Sunnyvale. If you think your battery might be failing, feel free to bring your car to Horizon Auto Center and we can perform a battery system test to verify the strength of your battery and to determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Steering Repair 

Your car’s power steering uses a hydraulic system to amplify the small effort you put into turning your steering wheel to enough power to turn your vehicle’s wheels. The following are symptoms of steering problems:

  • The steering wheel is very stiff: This issue could mean your vehicle’s fluid levels are low, in which case you would need to come into Horizon Auto Center for a power steering fluid exchange service. 
  • The steering wheel is loose: This is usually caused by worn steering racks and tie rods. A loose steering wheel could also indicate a problem with wheel alignment. If this is happening, bring your BMW to Horizon Auto Center quickly.
  • Your vehicle wanders or pulls to one side: This often indicates a problem with a worn steering gear. Premature steering gear wear can be caused by lack of lubrication from power steering fluid, and we at Horizon Auto Center will check for any power steering leaks when you bring your BMW in.
  • The steering wheel slips when you attempt to turn it: A build-up of contaminants in the steering system can cause the steering wheel to vibrate or ‘pulsate’ when the wheel is turned fully in one direction or another. A power steering flush will normally fix this problem.

If you are experiencing one or more of these issues with your vehicle, you can bring it to Horizon Auto Center in Rockwall today.

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