Audi Repair in Rockwall, TX

A Brief Background of Audi

Audi began in the early 1900s by August Horch, that named the firm after the Latin translation of his last name. The firm made its very first car, the Audi Type A Sport-Phaeton, which performed well in race events, coming in first three times in the Austrian Alpine Run. In 1920, Horch left the business to take a high position in the ministry of transport. Not long after he left, Audi ended up being the first German vehicle brand to develop an automobile that was left-hand drive, the Audi Type K.

The Audi logo design came to be after an integrating of four companies. In 1928, programmer Jørgen Rasmussen got majority shares in Audi. Rapidly, the company integrated with Rasmussen’s DKW, Wanderer in addition to Audi’s old competition Horch to create the Vehicle Union in 1932. The integration brought about the manufacturing of the Audi logo, 4 interlacing rings.

Audi Today

Today, Audi has been pushing borders in advancement, including in their smooth design, in-dash contemporary innovation, as well as fuel effectiveness. From SUVs to Coupes and Convertibles, there is an Audi for each and every age. Below is a comprehensive list of Audi models that are on the roadway today:

  • A3, S3, and RS 3

The A3 is the subcompact, entry-level Audi. The S3 in addition to RS 3 are sportier versions of the A3.

  • A4 and S4

The A4 is Audi’s compact automobile that is available as a sedan as well as the extra durable “allroad” wagon. The S4 is a sportier variation of the A4.

  • A5, S5, and RS 5

The A5 resembles the A4 but has a much more pricey body style. It is available in sportback, coupe and cabriolet variants.

  • A6 and S6

The A6 is Audi’s midsize premium car that has actually been upgraded for the 2019 model year.

  • A7, S7, and RS7

The sportback version of the A6.

  • A8

Audi’s full-size high-end car. It includes high-end, driver aide and also advanced technology features.

  • Q3

The Q3 is the SUV equivalent of the A3. It’s a subcompact crossover, the smallest “Q” truck.

  • Q5 and SQ5

Audi’s most successful automobile in the USA market, the Q5 is Audi’s premium compact SUV. The SQ5 updates the auto to a quicker, a lot more expensive engine.

  • Q7

Audi’s full-size luxurious SUV. It was the first Audi SUV model that was released in 2005.

Regardless of what Audi you drive, we at Horizon Auto Center in Rockwall can take care of your vehicle.

Horizon Auto Center: Your Trusted Shop for Audi Repair

Known as the modern luxury car, Audi has a large range of models that require extensive services. When the time comes to bring your Audi in for repairs, Rockwall residents can come to Horizon Auto Center. We specialize in Audi repair and can take care of your car, bumper to bumper. A team of highly trained mechanics, we at Horizon Auto Center are up to date on the latest automotive technology and will deliver high-quality service, every time. We offer services in vehicle alignment, steering and suspension, transmission repair, and more. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us today! You can schedule an appointment online or give us a call at 469-698-8585.

Audi Repair in Rockwall, TX

For honest and efficient Audi Repair in Rockwall, TX, turn to the capable team at Horizon Auto Center. “Life’s too short to drive boring cars.”

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