Giving back to our Community

Our church and the police department in town have put on a Christmas party every year…. I enjoy doing this. I also play Santa for friends, some stores, a couple Church functions, and 3 nursing homes.

Ken Sterling – Owner

The idea is to give under-served kids in our community the opportunity to see Santa. I have played Santa for them in the past but this year neither the Church nor the Police Department put in any money for it…. We picked up the entire tab for the event. We bought 130 really nice presents for kids (Soccer Balls, Basketballs, Footballs, Barbie Dolls, Playdoh, Books, Early readers, Puzzles / Games, and age appropriate gifts for the little ones.

This was my 3rd year. The joy is watching the smiles on the faces of the kids who never get to see Santa… We would take a picture of the kids with Santa, then we would bring the parents in and take a family photo. I had them printed and a church coordinator gave them to the families. There were about 85 – 90 kids in two sessions. You can see the large group of people in some of the photos…I did not know there were not going to be presents, so we only had 2 days to purchase, identify gender and approximate age, and wrap.

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